100 Commonly Misspelled Words!

Here is a helpful list of misspelled words. Which words are challenging for you? How can you remember the spelling? The article gives you mnemonics, a good memory strategy, to remember the spelling. However, for the mnemonics to be helpful, they need to have some meaning to you. Can you create a good mnemonic for … More 100 Commonly Misspelled Words!

Project Based Language Learning (PBLL)

What have you heard about Project based Language Learning(PBLL)? What experience do you have with Project Based Learning(PBL)? What is the definition of PBL? After getting frustrated with “traditional” textbooks, language courses, and approaches to learning and teaching languages, I began to search for better learning and teaching approaches and methods. Not just skills and … More Project Based Language Learning (PBLL)

Learning Strategies

Studies show that learners who use learning strategies are more effective learners than those who don’t use strategies. While there is some debate over the definition of what is strategic learning and what is “normal” learning, there are tricks, techniques, methods to improve the effectiveness of learning. I am a big fan of strategic learning … More Learning Strategies

Learning language through music.

Here is my favorite blog: using music to study a language. Japanese, Spanish, and several other languages are represented. I’ll use the link to my favorite song. https://foreignlanguagemusic.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/傘がない%E3%80%80(井上陽水)/ Why not contribute to the blog and analyze your favorite song? Help create a global database to help yourself and other learners learn language through music. You … More Learning language through music.