Learn While Creating

Learn English While Creating, Thinking Critically, Collaborating, and Communicating

Learn English While Creating, Thinking Critically, Collaborating, and Communicating


Learn English Online

What’s wrong with the way you are learning English?

How interesting and motivating is your current English course or learning process? Do you get to choose what you learn? Are you struggling to be consistent?

Are you afraid to use English at work? Do you want fluency, accuracy, and confidence? Would you like to learn English online and develop professionally?

Learn English Online

The problem is your mindset and process. You have to change them if you want to learn English effectively and successfully!

It’s time to redesign and re-engineer your process and achieve success! You don’t need another textbook, App, video course, or a traditional English course. You need a great language coach and project guide who can help you improve your learning process and successfully learn English online.

I researched and discovered a better way to learn. I call it 「Learn While Creating」. Create to become fluent, accurate, and confident in English. Create to increase your motivation and engagement. Create to demonstrate your English ability and 21st-Century Skills through a process of creating, thinking critically, collaborating and communicating called Project Based Language Learning.

Learn While Creating is the better process to make learning English fun, effective, meaningful, challenging, and motivating.

What project would you like to start?

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“Thank you very much to Gordon for the lesson and friendly atmosphere. Gordon knows a clear plan for how to achieve the goal, how to improve his language skills, He using his experience and research. Gordon is a great teacher.” From Dxxxxx (Not their real name) in Russia.
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Learn English While Creating
Learn While Creating Process

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