The Story Behind LWC

Learn While Creating (LWC) is an online training service for learning English. With LWC, you will learn English and expand your 21st-century skills through creating, thinking critically, communicating, and collaborating with people around the world. LWC believes in the effectiveness of Discovery Learning, Coaching, Process Improvement, and Project Based Language Learning (PBLL).


Gordon Craig

Are you frustrated with “traditional” textbooks and language courses? I was! I was tired of ineffective ways of learning and teaching languages while learning Japanese and teaching English. So, I began to search for a better way to improve my learning and teaching processes.

I was searching for a way of learning that allowed me to choose what I wanted and needed to learn. I was looking for a way that allowed me to learn what I wanted to learn. A way that let me show what I learned. Especially, I wanted a way that accounted for my knowledge, skills, and abilities (I didn’t want to be treated like a kid!). A process that considers the interconnections of learning and that left me with a sense of accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment because I did something with what I wanted to learn. A way that I could use to develop my language skills and develop professionally.

That journey led me to discover Project Based Language Learning (PBLL). Basically, PBLL is a process of real-world activities chosen by you and me (Negotiation and Coaching!). I scaffold and support your language acquisition to make it easier and more effective. I provide essential feedback to maximize your awareness and learning of English. Along the way, you will successfully create a product and communicate it to the world. Projects are engaging and motivating, challenging and fun, effective and memorable, practical and meaningful. How about adding your project to your C.V. and increase your career opportunities?

You will simultaneously develop fluency, confidence, interdisciplinary knowledge, and 21st-Century skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication).

What kind of product would you like to create in English?

A Video? Website? Training manual, pamphlets, or invoices for your business? Write a story?  Blog in English?

In order to complete the product:

-Your voice and choice in choosing and optimizing the product, process, and tasks.
-You will learn the necessary language just in time to complete the project tasks.
-Learning is interdisciplinary: You will learn more than just English.
-You will complete several mini-projects along the way.
-You will go through a consistent process of investigation, collaboration, critique, assessment, and revision.

Join me and find out just how meaningful and effective learning is while creating!

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