Create an Effective Feedback Guide

What is effective feedback?

Effective Feedback is important for learning. There are many kinds of feedback. Some feedback is more effective than others. Let’s learn English while creating an effective feedback guide and developing professionally. There are 7 steps in this activity. The goals of the activity are to:

  • Learn English while Creating
  • Increase your vocabulary
  • Define effective feedback
  • Create a feedback guide
  • Improve your leadership, management, & communication skills

Step One – Brainstorm

What is effective feedback?

  • Turn off distractions and focus
  • Get a piece of paper
  • Write your definition of effective feedback
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes
  • You will improve your definition later

Step Two – Build Vocabulary

Define the following words: 

  • Balanced
  • Contextualized
  • Forward-looking
  • Judgemental
  • Personal
  • Selective
  • Specific
  • Timely
  • Transferable 
  • Understandable 

Step Three – Create a new definition 

Write a new definition of effective feedback

  • Don’t change your first definition, write a new definition
  • Try to use the vocabulary from step two in your definition
  • Reflect to learn: How has your definition changed?
  • Write down your reflection

Step Four – Read to Learn

What does research define as effective feedback?

  • Read the article from the University of Portsmouth
  • How is your definition similar to their definition?
  • Did you use any of the same vocabulary?
  • How is your definition different?

Step Five – Create your own guide

Create your own guide on your computer

  • Use images to help you remember
  • Would creating a diagram help you to remember your guide?
  • Would a flowchart help you to remember?
  • Print your guide and post it in your office
  • Ask for feedback from co-workers or peers about your guide 

Step Seven – Share your guide

  • Print your guide and post it in your office
  • Ask for feedback from co-workers or peers about your guide 
  • Create a blog post on your website or this website and compare your ideas with people around th world.

Are you interested in more activities like this? Would you like to learn more about Learn While Creating? Click here to find out more


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