5 Learning Habits For Success in English

How can you improve your English learning process?

Anthony Ash from eltblog.net created a great blog post about 5 Great Learning Habits. One of my favorite tips is Asking Questions. The Learn While Creating process, PBLL, begins with questions in order to develop a question that will drive your project. Which of these habits could you use to improve your learning process?


“Each person has their own way of learning. This means that it is difficult to specify universal approaches which would work for everyone. The one-size-fits-all model simply doesn’t work in education, as it is a highly personalized sphere.

However, there are some behaviours which can generally help learners to develop a positive mindset and approach to the Learning Process. While each one might not work for everyone, they are generally good habits to develop in the classroom and the vast majority of learners will see benefits from them.” (Anthony Ash)


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