Podcast: My story about living in Japan, developing, and choosing to work online.

My colleague and language specialist Queenie Kawabe from www.queeniekawabe.com interviewed me on her podcast show. You can listen there or below.

We talked about

  1. Why Fukuoka is not Japan
  2. What he does for a living in Japan, and life in Japan in general
  3. How smartphones can help you learn languages
  4. How he started his online learning business
  5. How he survived in Japan when he lost his job
  6. The best Japanese language book he ever had
  7. How he came to Japan and started working
  8. Advice on how to live and work in Japan
  9. How he personally developed after living in Japan for nine years
  10. The hardest challenge he overcame in Japan
  11. Can someone who already has a Japanese spouse still needs to learn the language?
  12. Golden advice if you want to live in Japan



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