Improve your 21st Century Skills

Which 21st Century Skills do you want to improve?

Mozilla defines 21st Century Skills as

“A broad set of knowledge, skills, habits and traits that are important to succeed in today’s world”

Step 1: Self-Assess  Which skills are you good at?

  1. Click on each word around the outside of Mozilla’s Circle. For example, I chose Design.
  2. Read the description on the skill to the left of the circle. For example: “Creating mental and physical representations of digital content focused on accessibility and approachability.”
  3. Rate yourself between 1 and 5. (1 means your very weak in the skill. 5 means you’re very strong.) For example, I rated myself a 4.

 Step 2: Organize  Which skills do you want to develop first?

  1. Create a list of the skills using a spreadsheet.
  2. Create a column in the spreadsheet with your self-assessed rating.
  3. Create another column called “Importance” and rate the skills from 1 to 5. 5 means you need to improve the skill immediately. (1 means you don’t need to improve the skill right now.) For example, I rated Design a 5 because I need to develop that skill now.
  4. Organize the list according to Rating.
  5. Organize the list again according to Importance.
  6. The skills you should focus on should be in the middle of the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Implement Create a learning plan with LWC

  1. Schedule an appointment with LWC.
  2. Work with LWC to create and implement a learning plan.
  3. Follow your learning plan with the guidance of your LWC coach.
  4. Show your skill development with a final project.
  5. Add your new skills to your resume/C.V.
  6. Make more money!

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