Develop English Fluency With Interactive Videos

There is a fun way to develop your English listening ability, fluency, spelling, typing speed, and have fun while doing it! It’s free!

  1. Go to
  2. Search for a song you like. (I like The Chemical Brothers “Wide Open”
  3. Choose a level. (I recommend choosing intermediate)
  4. While listening to the song, type in the missing words.
  5. Try to predict the missing words.
  6. Repeat the song almost every day until you can predict most words.
  7. Enjoy!

Which songs are easy?

It depends on the speed of the song, the accent of the singer, and the slang or words used in the lyrics. I’ve used to practice Spanish and Japanese songs. Some songs are too fast for me. But, after a lot of practice, I can understand most words.

What about the meaning of the songs?

After learning the song, I recommend you:

  1. Start a discussion below.
  2. Search online for the meaning in your language

Is there only music?

No, there are TV shows, movie scenes, and other videos too. I like the video on robots. (Warning, it’s very fast!!!)

Can I use my smartphone?

Yes, it works on my android phone, iPhone, and tablet. However, I recommend you use a PC because it’s hard to type as fast as most songs on a smartphone.

What do you think about the website?

Please comment below.



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