Learn While Creating (LWC) is an online language learning and coaching service. With LWC, you will develop your English ability and expand your 21st-century skills through creating, thinking critically, communicating, and collaborating with people around the world. LWC believes in the effectiveness of Project Based Language Learning (PBLL)


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After getting frustrated with “traditional” textbooks, language courses, and approaches to learning and teaching languages while learning Japanese and teaching English, I began to search for a better way.

I was searching for a way of learning that allowed me to choose what I wanted to learn, how I wanted to learn, how I wanted to show what I learned, accounted for my knowledge, skills, and abilities, considered the interconnections of learning, and that left me with a sense of accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment because I did something with what I wanted to learn. A way that I could use to develop my language skills and develop professionally.

That journey led me to discover Project Based Language Learning (PBLL).

PBLL is a process of real-world activities chosen by the participants (You) and coach (Me), scaffolded to aid language acquisition by the coach (activities), in order to construct a product that is communicated with the world. Projects are engaging and motivating, challenging and fun, and effective and memorable.

Participants develop language fluency, interdisciplinary knowledge, and 21st-Century skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication)

In order to complete the product:
-Your voice and choice in choosing the product, process, and tasks.
-Language is learned just in time to complete the project tasks.
-Learning is interdisciplinary: learn more than just language.
-Several mini-projects are completed along the way.
-A consistent process of investigation, collaboration, critique, assessment, and revision.

Why not join me and find out just how fun and effective learning is while creating?

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