Create your future, develop your skills, choose your optimal learning process! You don’t need another boring textbook course. You need to learn while creating.  

Sound difficult? Not when LWC is coaching you through a process of creating, thinking critically, collaborating, and communicating. Learn While Creating is the missing gear to make your learning effective, meaningful, and motivating.


  • Group sessions 

  •  1 to 1 sessions 

  •  All sessions last 1-1.5 hours and include pre-class and post-class activities, feedback, and coaching.

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LWC will provide

  • Effective mentoring and coaching

  • Quality scaffolding so you can learn from interesting, relevant, and authentic English articles, videos, movies, etc.

  • Error correction and feedback designed to help you discover your errors and learn

  • Meaningful challenges and clear instruction

Invest your time, effort, and money 

  • Develop your English ability

  • Expand your communication ability

  • Increase your intercultural knowledge

  • Grow your collaboration and technology skills and experience

  • Deepen your creative and critical thinking skills

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